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On the way with the Haitian Youth







The Foundation

The Mamosa-Cunina foundation has its headquarters in Home "Mamosa", which is the central turning point from where are undertaken a whole range of actions in favor of the Haitian youth. The Home received the name of "Mamosa" by the fact that the young people who lived in the home at the time of its foundation, came from 3 parishes of the inside of the country: Marmont, Mombin Crochu and Saltadère.

The Mamosa family

On january 1th of 2018, 10 youngsters are living in the Home. 8 girls and 2 boys, all students. One of the kids, mentally retarded is receiving music lessons at home, 3 of them are in high school and 6 are in college or university. One woman takes care of cooking, laundry and daily maintenance, she is assisted by two women doing a part-time job for laundry and housekeeping.

Father Jan Hoet, living in the home, has the total moral and financial responsibility over the whole family, according food, school fees, medical care, leisure, etc. He is with them to survey that the family spirit and solidarity between all may be guaranteed and that everybody is taking his responsibilities and doing the work they have to do according school and housekeeping.

Cunina and financial Adoptions

Almost 100 school kids from the Port-au-Prince area and almost 400 children from La Victoire and Mombin Crochu, two villages in the North of Haiti, take benefit of a financial adoption trough the organization “Cunina”, a belgian NGO, supporting the project. CUNINA has borrowed her name from Latin mythology and means "Goddess of the cradle". Where your cradle is, often determines the chances you will receive in life.

Cunina believes that every child, wherever in the world, is unique, has its own capacities and talents and is capable of learning. Cunina is of opinion that every child has the right to have access to primary education. A child that is able to develop itself today, will later be better able to support itself and will be able to support others in their social development. Cunina wants to enhance the chances of following primary education for underprivileged children and thus contribute to millennium goal n° 2: Primary Education for all children. Through global education, Cunina wants to introduce children and adolescents to the living conditions of their peers in the South.

The Sports association “Banzaï”

The “Banzaï” volleyball club was founded on May 19, 1996. The Banzaï club is a sports association, without any political or commercial interest. It wants to offer to the young members, the possibility of practising volleyball in a sane atmosphere favourable to the physical and moral health.

From the small group of players of the first days, Banzaï became an important sports association with more than 200 members. Besides sports activities we offer our boys and girls cultural activities as dance, theatre and plastic art. We organize formation sessions and excursions. Every year we have a summer sports camp attended by almost 200 youngsters.

As most of our members are students, we encourage them to make efforts to obtain good results at school. Priority is given to the school education. 

AIDS prevention

It is said that 6.1 % of Haitians are seropositive but, the majority of people infected with HIV do not know it. Unfortunately, the evidence base for prevention interventions is not as developed as it should be. Being in touch with so many young people, trough “Mamosa” activities, is giving a great opportunity to offer them information and formation on HIV/AIDS and contribute in Haiti's significant struggle against HIV/AIDS. We do this by organizing conferences and discussions about VIH/SIDA during the year and especially at the occasion of our annual sport camp in July. Each year, the World AIDS Day date (December 1st) provides an opportunity to organize entertaining activities infused with information and tips about HIV/AIDS.


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